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For Life Retreats Launched

02 May For Life Retreats Launched

Welcome to the ‘For Lifer’ blog , an exclusive online community for like-minded health seekers to be guided, to  be inspired and to be motivated through weekly heartfelt stories; to access the most, up-to date research and  information,  as well as receiving the gifts and treasures for the improvement of better health and wellness.

Today we are celebrating and we want you to share in our joy by being part of an opening to our much anticipated new beginning! We have pressed the ‘Launch’ button on our website and published an amazing project that has been bubbling away for some time now – For Life Retreats!

It’s been a thrilling six months,  watching a project so fuelled with passion, heart, soul and life-experience taking shape!  Dreams have manifested, visions are becoming a reality and being put into action; there are photo shoots, research sessions, inspirational team pow-wows, recipe creations, a flowing of ideas  and collaborating with some of the most inspiring and connected health and wellness practitioners around Australia.

Here we are, and we’ve develop an opportunity that will be a life-changer….We’ve drawn together some many wonderful aspects of our learning, our challenges, our experiences and our qualifications.

Ultimately what we’ve created through For Life Retreats is a comprehensive space and community to assist Women who are struggling with digestive or digestion-related health issues. This is a huge and evolving topic, one that can be difficult to navigate through a plethora of information and treatments that are often hard to decipher.

It is our belief that digestive health is where all health starts, similar to the roots of a tree. If these roots aren’t strong, thriving and nurtured, the body of the tree isn’t going to look (or feel) too healthy.

There’s a bunch of digestive conditions we understand that some of our clients will come to us with – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), auto-immune disease, depression, anxiety, skin disorders, allergies, chronic or frequent infections and a whole lot of other unpleasant conditions that can be traced back to a dysfunctional gut.

So we thought the ‘For Life’ Community would be an excellent place to start – educating, motivating and inspiring Women to make some positive changes to their health and wellbeing.

Our retreats are  an opportunity to observe and understand  your health from a new angle that doesn’t just include cutting out sugar and taking probiotics.

Maintaining strong digestive is multidimensional and sometimes the clearest direction for establishing digestive health is the hardest to locate.  We want to make sense out of the conflicting and confusing information that’s out there and set you on the most direct path, providing support, useful tips, and guidance along the way.

For Life Retreats provides  a platform for learning about the functional aspects and interconnectedness of our bodies- not just anatomically or through  diet but also through movement and mindfulness.

Our goal is for women to develop the whole picture and realise that they can make more informed choices for their own health and wellbeing.

Through our personal challenges with digestive health we accessed  a lot of useful information and received even more life-changing experiences. Having learned the hard way, we want to make it easier for our participants. We understand what you are dealing with! Our initial consultations can guide you in taking the simple first steps, and we will stay with you as you work through your health goals.

Our vision started a little over 6 months ago when one events and marketing management turned health & wellness coach and one sauerkraut making specialist with an extensive career in wellness, food, health, and movement in collaboration with our expert food and movement babes came together to talk dreams and big changes.

Together, we are all immensely excited to kick off our upcoming retreats in 2015. Think…..




nurturing organic food and beverages


scenic and nature based eco-friendly accommodation


with your inner self through wellness treatments such as massage, kinesiology and meditation


Be educated and inspired through informative seminars and workshops fermenting foods  + much more


change your approach to exercise  and enjoy  our movement program including Pilates and Yoga as well as group fitness at some of Byron Bay’s most iconic locations
Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Some challenges are new, some you might have been facing for half a lifetime. Face them and overcome them within a supportive group of like-minded women.

Our retreat program and packages

Need more information, sure contact us here!

In health and compassion,

The For Life Retreats Team




Live local to Byron Bay? Then join us for Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 June 2015 for Life Retreats Pop Up! Fermentation workshops, digestive health seminars, movement sessions + organic breakfast & lunch! BOOK HERE

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