fermentation workshops, sauerkraut, superfoods
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fermentation workshops

Our workshops are all about getting your hands ‘dirty’! Have some fun learning by experience and creating well-prepared meals with ingredients that can help support your digestive balance and improve your overall health even when you return to everyday life.

Sprouting, brewing and fermenting…you’ll learn it all.

As Donna Gates from the ‘Body Ecology Diet’ stated so well,

Fermented Foods...the Missing link in All Other Systems of Health.


Our fermentation workshops will take you through the fizzy world of kefir infused with incredible natural flavours and take the mystery out of words like ‘Activated’ and ‘Beet Kravss’.


We’ll get active shredding some crunchy cabbages and turn them into delicious tangy sauerkraut and share with you the traditional and ancient ways of making these healing, true ‘superfoods’.


Fermented vegetables have been proven to contain 10 times more good bacteria (probiotics) than the probiotic supplements found in chemists and supplement stores today – why not learn how to create them yourself to ensure you’re giving your body the best nutrition possible to return to the ultimate state of health.


Now it’s time to find out how to rebalance your health. Take a look at which wellness inclusion best suits your health goals.