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For Life Retreats + Artisan Wholefoods Presents

 Discover the Wild World Of Fermentation // Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 November 2015 – Byron Bay


++Wild Fermentation – Vegetable Ferments & Condiments // 9-1pm + lunch // Saturday 14 September – Byron Bay

Are you open to experimenting with foods that have been proven to improve digestive health?


Cultured, Lacto-Fermented & Wild Fermented foods are said to prevent illness, improve your digestion, and strengthen your immunity and overall health.


In a nutshell, Lacto Fermentation is how we originally preserved fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meats – enhanced nutrition and deliciousness is an added bonus!! Naturally fermented foods (such as these) colonise and maintain healthy bacteria in the gut – essential for your digestion and overall vitality!


The take home…


In this class you will learn a range of simple techniques to lacto-ferment vegetables and fruits using the tools that you have at home.


All participants will be able to taste ferments made on the day throughout the workshop and will receive a copy of detailed recipes and instructions + a delicious organic and locally sourced lunch in a rainforest nature-based setting.


Recipes include:


+brine pickled cucumbers and vegetables

+ginger carrots

+a vegetable tonic

+lacto-fermented salsa

+cultured fruit spreads

+preserved lemons

+ non-dairy yoghurt.

*Suitable for people with digestive issues, following the GAPS Protocol, Paleo – friendly


Wild Fermentation – Fermented Drinks & SCOBY’s (water & dairy kefir) // 9am – 1pm + lunch // Sunday 15 November – Byron Bay

Lacto-fermented drinks are the original sparkling drinks and are naturally carbonated, refreshing and incredibly delicious.


Just in time for Summer, you will learn..


+ how to make a range of sparkling and fermented drinks from scratch (as well as from a water kefir culture)

+ sparkling coconut water kefir

+ ginger beer

Recipes include beetroot kvass, mixed berry kvass, turmeric and ginger ‘ginger beer’ and sparkling fermented herbal teas.

You will also learn..

+ how to use dairy kefir to make beautiful cultured milk, cream and crème fraiche  and use this to make your own delicious smoothies, icy-poles

+ home-made cultured butter

The perfect refreshments for summer parties, holidays and healthy kids snacks.

*Suitable for people with digestive issues and people following the GAPS Protocol


++ Workshop Details


Workshop Facilitator: Jean Martinez

Jean Martinez is For Life Retreats chef and workshop facilitator. She also operates Artisan Wholefoods, with 20+ years experience working in the food industry.

Her classes, courses and seminars  are founded in the wholefoods philosophy that embraces a holistic food circle from production to consumption, and in particular organic and bio-dynamic food production, local and seasonal foods, traditional food skills and overall deliciousness.

Her vision is to teach and inspire anyone and everyone to learn the food skills and knowledge that will allow them to nurture themselves and family – and in turn nurture the planet too.

Here’s our latest blog post on Jean and her relationship with fermented foods. 

Capacity: 15 max (per workshop)

About The Venue: 

The For Life Retreats secluded indoor and outdoor settings, wildlife sounds and the magnificent energy of the onsite native Figtree set amongst clean, invigorating country air makes the workshop location the ideal setting to be inspired, motivated and educated about improving your digestive health.

* Address supplied upon booking

Price: $150+ booking fee per workshop (10 % off if doing both workshops)

Parking: Onsite

Bookings: BOOK NOW – spaces limited