Digestive Health Seminars
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digestive health seminars

Do you know how your digestive system actually works?

Often we know more about the functions of our cars or computers than about what happens once food enters our mouth.


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly which systems are involved in digestion and what organs are required to work in order to make sure your food can travel effectively through your body to nourish you and keep you sustained? In our informative digestive health seminars we take you on a journey through your body to discover how digestion actually functions.


You will receive training from a qualified & experienced nutritionist who specialises in digestive health and be able to pose all the questions you have been itching to ask. The sessions may evoke questions you didn’t even know you had.

What about deep seeded causes of IBS? What about your symptoms? Have you visited too many practitioners to count, spent far too much money on tests to establish what is not functioning properly in your body but still nothing is changing? Maybe you need a fresh approach...

For Life Retreats will share our knowledge and experience of very common, yet widely unknown diseases and the root causes of digestive issues you may never had heard of. We will take you through selected dietary protocols that have been tried and tested for their support of digestive health. You can make an informed decision about which combination or approach will bring the best results for you.


For Life Retreats are developed alongside the latest research and world-wide expertise and we are constantly discovering new information that has not only impacted how we have treated ourselves but has helped us to assist others successfully on their journey back to health.

On top of our seminar presentations we will show informative documentaries and interviews with widely recognised health practitioners who have improved the lives and holistic health of thousands of people worldwide.


You might be surprised to discover how simple it can be to eliminate your symptoms with some very specific tests and dietary changes.


We can show you how.


Ready for some fun and  how to make fermented foods for yourself? Find out how you can through the For Life Retreats workshops!