healthy digestive system, health and vitality
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healthy digestive system

Welcome to your digestive system; and the sexiest opening line to a website you’ll read this millennia, we are absolutely sure!

Let us touch on the serious stuff for a moment. What are you doing here? What is the For Life Retreats Philosophy?







You Googled something, didn’t you… ‘My unhappy tummy’… ‘Food intolerance’… ‘Should I go ”Something”- free’? You read some story about a miracle diet last year, started surviving on grasses alone, and you’re still feeling a bit (or a lot!)… ordinary.


Or worse.


Most of us can relate to stomach upsets and digestive discomfort and there is literally a millennia worth of reading material on the world-wide-web. We think you’re here because you are experiencing a turning point in your life where you just want to feel better and start functioning at your full potential.


You’re probably here because you have a ‘gut’ feeling something isn’t working quite right. Right.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed, how about we put something to you? What if we told you there was more to your digestive system than eating, absorbing and excreting food sources? Again with the sexy talk…

What would it mean for you to know that you CAN improve your digestive health, by learning how your digestive system functions and why a healthy digestive system is an integral part of your overall health and wellbeing.


Would you be open to experimenting with foods that have been proven to support a healthy digestive system?


Would you like to dig deeper and get in touch with your body and it’s natural ability to heal?


Think about what it would mean to develop the knowledge and skills to build a robust and thriving digestive foundation for not only you and your healthy future, but that of your loved ones?


What would it mean to you to no longer default to traditional medicines for temporary relief but to develop an understanding of what your body is saying to you; where a life of good eating can mean long-term health and vitality?

How would you feel about accessing tools for health and vitality in a cohesive, comprehensive retreat-based setting where you can be nurtured while learning to treat the cause of your digestive discomforts ?

Welcome to For Life Retreats

Australia’s first women’s health retreat focusing on a food-is-medicine and holistic wellness  approach to nourishment and to educating for the prevention of digestive health challenges. How can we help you? First, let us introduce ourselves…

Meet The Team