Moving Your Body, Byron Bay
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Moving your body is essential to keeping it healthy and supple, with your mind relaxed and your joints strong. However, exercise is a stressor. Not all stress is harmful, in the right dose it can have positive effects on our health. Fundamentally, we were not made to perform excessive amounts of exercise or sit in chair position all day.

At For Life Retreats we don’t believe in torturing yourself to lose weight and get fit. We want to bring the fun and joy into moving your body.


As with everything else, your body and its needs are unique. Just because your neighbour runs 10km before work every morning and feels great, doesn’t mean it will have the same affect on you.


Our skilled and qualified exercise practitioners educate and support you to find out what activities will bring your body to a state of health and happiness. We take you to some of Byron Bay’s most iconic locations to kick-start your personal movement program.

Our physical activities are centred around a mindful approach of movement. We provide a few different ways of exercising your body to let you find out what your body loves.


Maybe you enjoy dynamic group exercises to share the experience and bounce off the group energy? Maybe you thrive in a Yoga class to strengthen body and mind? Perhaps you get more out of a gentle Pilates session that makes you feel well stretched and re-fuelled. Or you might get the most out of a solitary mountain power walk.

Whatever it may be, at our retreat you have the opportunity to be guided through mindful movement and inspiring outdoor activities by our qualified and experienced team of health professionals to ensure your overall health is at its best.


Now that we have covered movement, let’s check out the educational element of the program – seminars.