heal your digestion, gut flora
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heal your digestion

Trying to find the right solution to repair and heal your digestion becomes a daunting task. We do know how you feel.

You may be at the beginning of this journey and you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, not knowing who to turn to or how to move forward.


Making dietary and lifestyle changes isn’t always straightforward. Usually the challenge is centred around knowing how to get started. Life can become busy and it’s common that our health and wellness falls behind.


You may be some way down the path yet have not connected the dots, having tried a myriad of popular ‘solutions’ that have left you feeling defeated, disappointed and fed up or not inspired to keep going!

For Life Retreats has begun because we have experienced all of these feelings first hand and we know the impact they have on everyday life.


The uncomfortable physical symptoms, those embarrassing situations, the isolation, sometimes shame, and definitely uncertainty over where to go and who to listen to.


Some symptoms of digestive ill-health are also easily recognisable life situations.

Bloating painful cramps... scared of going to dinner parties?

Fatigue... tired from the moment you wake up?

Mind fog... can’t for the life of you remember where you left your keys?

Depression and mood swings…. irrational emotional outburst at loved ones.

Anxiety... Feeling panicked about your ill-health, worrying about what might be wrong with you – and not finding answers?

Insomnia... Waking at all hours of the night worrying about the day ahead and not being able to return to rest?

Constipation and/or Diarrhoea? Loss of libido? Headaches? Skin Problems? Frequent Urinary infections? Hair loss and brittle nails?

The list goes on and on…

Being part of the For Life Retreats Community

By being part of the For Life Retreats community you have the chance to be part of a progressive, supportive collective of women, health coaches, practitioners, healers, creators that can assist you on your journey to foundational health and wellness. You can find a new path to overcoming your digestive issues. And most importantly, you are able to engage with others with similar conditions and goals!


With the insights and knowledge gained from attending the For Life Retreats program, you will:

Develop a deep understanding of how the digestive system operates (without the medical jargon) from our female-focussed Nutritionist.

Gain insight into your specific condition as well as a range of dietary protocols and theories to create your own specialised eating plan - through our informative seminars that support your digestion.

Transform your approach to healthy living through live cooking demonstrations and workshops including take-home tools, tips and resources, using the food groups and practical sources you have been introduced to within the retreat setting.

Develop an appreciation of the food-is-medicine ethos as well as a real and lasting love of organic, seasonal and local food through our seminars and activities.

Get real, feel connected and be accountable for your health goals, wishes, wants and desires through our health history consultations and follow up consultation with our accredited health coach.

Reset, recalibrate and kick start your healthy eating patterns ( and those of your loved ones) with our wholesome, organic, local and seasonal probiotics rich menu which has been accredited by a nutritionist and created from our qualified chef. And at the same time, learn about the wonderous powers of probiotic foods and the role they play in developing friendly gut flora.

Connect with your mind, body and spirit through our Mindfulness program and Activities and Movement program. Be empowered to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

Stay supported and connected with ongoing communication via our closed online community.

Sounds great… so what’s involved?