Health Goals, Health History, Consultation
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health goals

The For Life Retreats program

Our program is based on the philosophy that it’s not just about the foods we eat, rather we determine our health by looking at our way of life with a 360 degree view.

The food we eat is perhaps the single most important influence on health. But the ways we sleep, exercise, spend time outdoors, have fun, manage our stress, and connect with others really matter. - Chris Kresser, The Paleo Cure..


For Life Retreats provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to take your health into your own hands, knowing when and where to find support along the way.


Let’s have a look at how we plan to do just that…

Initial consultation

Once you have confirmed your attendance at one of our retreats, our health coach will touch base and schedule a 45-60 minute confidential health history consultation to determine:


  • How we can best assist you get the maximum out of the retreat experience
  • Identify your specific health goals
  • Identify any current conditions
  • Identify any dietary requirements or needs during the retreat
  • Discuss the program and work out which extra treatment option would be best suited to your health goals


Find out more below then let’s take a look at the program activities here.

What is a health history?

A health history is a form that we ask you to fill out prior to our session. The information that you supply allows us to have some helpful (confidential) background information about your health goals and your health history. For any further questions, please contact our health coach through our contact page form.

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